Check Your Cloud Readiness Score

Moving to the cloud can dramatically improve your business but proper designing and management is crucial to reaping the full benefits of adopting Cloud technologies. Take a few minutes to complete an online self-assessment to receive your overall Cloud Readiness score.

Does outsourcing infrastructure services complement the security aspects of the business?
There are technical resources available internally to carry out cloud migration and deployment activities?
More than 40% of the company’s cloud applications are outsourced to multiple providers.
Customer retention and competition are key factors in the company’s decision to adopt Cloud technology
Maintaining and streamlining IT infrastructure takes up more resources away from core business IT support than intended?
30% or more of the business applications are due for migration to different IT development stacks or platform?
The team understands the short-term and long-term implications of tech refresh on the business.
Is scaling infrastructure and compute resources a hindrance to your speed of expansion and innovation?
Do you have contingency process for business continuity and disaster recovery for your core business operations and important workloads?
IT will be leveraging on Kubernetes or Docker for cloud deployment.
More than 20% of your IT workloads are already deployed on public or private cloud?
Cost management is a major key factor in adopting cloud computing technologies.
Competitors of the companies are already leveraging on cloud technologies.
More than 80% of the IT workloads can be readily redeployed on the public or private cloud?
The cloud migration will be largely supported by external consultant or outsourced company?
A recent business and technical gap analysis on cloud deployment strategy has been conducted?
Employee productivity is hampered by the lack of accessibility to core business applications and tools?