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Managed Nextcloud – Terms of Service


ICONZ-Webvisions provides managed hosting subscription service for Enterprise File Sharing and Synchronization (EFSS) based on Nextcloud application.



The term “Service” refers to the service solution provided by iWV and powered by Nextcloud open source software and its associated built-in or third party software add-ons, modules and plugins. You agree to be bound by this terms of service, and any modifications that we publish on our website, as long as you continue to use the Service.


Related Agreements

This Agreement shall be read in conjunction with the following documents which are available at our website https://iwv.works/legal/.

(a) Online Purchase – Singapore Master Service Agreement (Standard Terms and Conditions) for Online purchase OR Fixed Contract – Singapore Master Service Agreement (Standard Terms and Conditions) for Offline fixed contract arrangement; and

(b) Acceptable Use Policy.


Data Sovereignty

The Service is provided from Singapore. By using and accessing the Service, you understand and agree that the storage of Content and any other personal information in Singapore. However, you understand that you and other people you collaborate with can access the Service, including Content, from outside Singapore and nothing
prevents the processing of other information outside of Singapore.


Data Backup

Daily data backup with minimum 14 days retention period is included as part of the Service. Such backup acts as last protection for data lost against unforeseen situations. You agree that such backup service is a courtesy service intended for disaster recovery only and that iWV does not warrant or guarantee the availability, integrity, content or operability of these backups. iWV do not guarantee that will always be possible to restore information that has been lost, damaged or compromised. You agree that we are not liable for any lost of data, nor are we responsible for restoring any data of any type of loss. We reserve the right to charge a fee to restore data that has been deleted, lost or damaged due to error or issue that is not attributed to us.


Fair Use Terms

The Service is meant to provide our customers with the best experience possible, within commercially viable endeavour. As such, the Service is operated in a manner
that does not set strict system limitations on access or usage.

The following fair use terms set forth our expectation of fair use of the Service in order to ensure integrity of the Service.

  • The Service’s plans are offered based on intended or recommended usage level such as number of active users and reasonable concurrency in usage.
  • Though not prohibited and acceptable under required usage scenario, sharing single account by multiple actual users should be counted as number of actual users.


Bandwidth and Other Resource Limits

The Service includes “unmetered bandwidth”, meaning we do not charge extra fees for bandwidth or data transfer usage. However this is subject to fair use term stated. For any usage that we deem as unfair usage, we reserve the right to apply restrictions or limits, temporarily or otherwise, such as bandwidth speed or other resources like CPU, memory and other related cloud compute resources and services.

In addition, your usage of the Service must not cause problems or harms to the entire Service platform. We may restrict or terminate your service in the event of abnormal usage that interferes with our ability to provide service to other customers (including “denial of service” attacks by others against you).

iWV reserves the right to offer higher cost options to customers with high usage pattern as it deems suitable.


Features and Service Support

The Service comes with certain level of end user support. However, as Nextcloud consists of core software with variety of Applications to provide multitude of features, the end user support for the Service will be limited its core features and a few Applications that provide the essential functionalities of the Service. Essential Applications include: Files, Photos, Activity, Talk, Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Deck. The supported usage scenario will be also limited to what are documented in Nextcloud User Manual and Administration Manual.

As iWV is not the intellectual property owner the software that is used to power the Service and does not have any control over the quality or performance of the software, you agree that iWV will not be liable for any bugs or defects of the Service.

Nextcloud and the Nextcloud Logo is a registered trademark of Nextcloud GmbH.

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