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Dedicated Server – Terms of Service


ICONZ-Webvisions offers Dedicated Server Services in which ICONZ-Webvisions provides entire physical server, with chosen operating system software for exclusive use to customer on a rental basis. The operating system or application software installed on the physical server may have its own terms and conditions governing the usage of the software.




Dedicated Server Hardware” means hardware components of the physical server provided in ICONZ-Webvisions Dedicated Server Services only. The components include server chassis, power supply unit(s), motherboard, processor(s), random access memory module(s), hard disk(s), network interface card(s) and any related hardware component which may be installed in the physical server only.

Dedicated Server” means the Dedicated Server Hardware and its associated operating system software installed in the physical server.

Dedicated Server Hardware Outage” means the failure of any of the Dedicated Server Hardware components and thus preventing it from powering up properly and works in a reasonable manner as intended. This excludes any operating system or application software related failure.


Terms of Service


ICONZ-Webvisions grants a license to the CUSTOMER to use the Dedicated Server Services. The CUSTOMER has no ownership rights on the Dedicated Server Hardware. Physical access to the Dedicated Server Hardware by the customer is strictly prohibited.

ICONZ-Webvisions reserves the right to audit the Dedicated Server as needed and to perform administrative actions as required by its operations. Customer agrees to cooperate with ICONZ-Webvisions when requested.

Dedicated Server Services does not include maintenance, support or guarantee of any operating system or application software installed on the physical server, including but not limited to downloading, testing, installing and configuring any application, software update or security patch.

Dedicated Server Services downgrades (for instance, when changing to a hosting package that offers fewer or lower options) will take effect at the contract renewal only, unless agreed by ICONZ-Webvisions. Service upgrades, however, may be requested at any time. Appropriate charges may apply for downgrade or upgrade.

ICONZ-Webvisions’s obligations for Dedicated Server Services include:

a. Supplying and managing all Hardware Components
b. Supplying all Software to be installed on the Dedicated Server as specified
c. Ensuring basic operating system configuration, including available operating system updates applied at the time of provisioning
d. Ensuring the network connectivity appropriate to that specified level is provisioned

The provisioning period for the Dedicated Server Services is targeted, but not guaranteed, within 7 working days. In circumstances where this provisioning period takes longer than 7 working days, ICONZ-Webvisions will use reasonable endeavours to inform the customer on a regular basis about the progress and expected date of completion, but will not be liable or responsible to the customer for any delay beyond the seven working day target.

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

ICONZ-Webvisions guarantees the functioning of the dedicated server hardware components under the Dedicated Server Services. ICONZ-Webvisions will diagnose any fault and replace any failed component at no additional cost to customer. Upon identification of a dedicated server hardware outage, hardware remedy will begin immediately.

Any dedicated server hardware remedy is guaranteed to be complete within 4 hours of problem identification. This does not include time needed to schedule for maintenance, configure or optimize the dedicated server hardware and does not include system administration time needed to install and configure operating systems or any software application or restoring data from backup. ICONZ-Webvisions reserves the right to change or upgrade hardware to equipment that is equivalent or better than what was provided to customer prior to the dedicated server hardware outage.

In the event that it takes ICONZ-Webvisions more than 4 hours to replace faulty dedicated server hardware, CUSTOMER may request SLA credits equivalent to 5% of the monthly fee of the Dedicated Server Services per additional hour of dedicated server hardware outage, up to 100% of customer’s monthly fee for the Dedicated Server Services only. Such SLA credit is limited to 1 per month.

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