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Cloud Services – Terms of Service


ICONZ-Webvisions provides cloud computing infrastructure-as-a-service in the form of compute, storage and network on redundant, scalable and secure platform.


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

ICONZ-Webvisions will use commercially reasonable efforts to make ICONZ-Webvisions Cloud Computing Services available 100% of the time in any given calendar month. This SLA covers the following elements:

a. Compute – virtual CPU and virtual RAM of virtual machine
b. Storage – persistence persistent storage volume of virtual machine
c. Network – internal and external network connection directly attached to virtual machine
d. Firewall – shared or virtually dedicated firewall instance directly protecting virtual machine


ICONZ-Webvisions Cloud Computing Outage occurs when any of the following condition/s is/are met:

a. Compute – underlying virtualization platform unable to provide virtual CPU or virtual RAM resource to power up a virtual machine
b. Storage – underlying storage is not able to perform any read/write input and output operation when requested
c. Network – is unable to transmit and receive any network data to the immediate network segment directly connected to the virtual machine
d. Firewall – no data packet is able to pass through the firewall or its capacity to filter packet based on firewall rules is not available


In the event of an ICONZ-Webvisions Cloud Computing Service Outage that:

a. exceeds thirty (30) contiguous minutes and
b. is due to a cause within ICONZ-Webvisions Cloud Computing Service Platform

The Eligible Customer may request SLA credit equivalent to 5% of the monthly fee for every 30 contiguous minutes of Cloud Computing Outage, up to 100% of CUSTOMER’s monthly fee for Cloud Computing Services. Such SLA credit is limited to 1 per month.

This Cloud Computing Platform Service Level Agreement does not apply to Network Outage on the outer layer that is not exclusively used by or directly connected to Cloud Computing Services platform such as core routers, core switch and datacenter external Internet uplinks. Such Network Outage is covered under Network Services SLA.

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