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Securing Plesk With SSL/TLS Certificates

Securing Plesk With SSL/TLS Certificates

SSL/TLS certificates protect sensitive data by encrypting connections between the client and the server

A user visiting a Plesk server secured with a self-signed SSL/TLS certificate will be prompted with a warning that the website is not trusted!

To avoid this, you may secure our Plesk server by adding a SSL/TLS certificate from Let’s Encrypt or a SSL/TLS certificate purchased from an trusted certificate authority.

Installing SSL/TLS Certificate from Let’s Encrypt Certificate Authority

1. Go to Tools & Settings > SSL/TLS Certificates

2. Click the + Let’s Encrypt button.

3. Make sure that the email address in the “Email address” field is correct. This email address will be used to send important notifications.

4. Click Install.

At this stage, the certificate from Let’s Encrypt has been generated and used to secure Plesk automatically.

To change the default certificate for the mail server, click the [Change] link next to “Certificate for securing mail” and then choose the Let’s Encrypt certificate and click OK.

After adding SSL Certificatie to your Plesk server, you can now use “Enable SSL verfication” option in webhook settings to verify SSL certificates when delivering payloads.

The website is now trusted due to the authorized SSL certificate being installed.

The benefits of using an SSL/TLS certificate are twofold:

* All connections to and from your website are encrypted and cannot be intercepted by a third party.

* An SSL/TLS certificate issued for your website confirms your website’s validity. Thus, visitors know that they are indeed browsing your website.

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