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Introducing S3 Object Storage

S3 Object Storage

IWV now has a S3 Object Storage that we are pleased to offer our customers. IWV S3 Object storage is highly scalable, highly durable and very cost effective to store large amounts of unstructured data.

What is IWV S3 Object Storage?

IWV S3 object storage is based on the industry standard S3 protocol for storing and retrieving unstructured data over the Internet. It stores your data on multiple drives and devices with the ability to scale massively that is extremely fault tolerant and cost effective.

What are the benefits of IWV S3 Object Storage?

  • Scalability
    • The data is stored over multiple devices and scales easily with your growing needs more more storage.
  • Durability
    • Your data is stored on multiple drives and replicated over multiple devices. If a drive or a device fails, your data remains safe. In addition, there are multiple network devices and redundant power supplies to ensure that your data is safe and accessible.
  • Accessibility
    • Your data can be accessed over the internet using the standard industry S3 protocols. There are many S3 client and backup software applications that support the S3 protocol.
  • Cost Effective
    • Unlike traditional Block storage where you must purchase a set amount of storage, with S3 Object storage you do not need to pre-commit to a large amount of storage, you simply pay for what you have stored or transferred out after consuming beyond small base plan data limits. And the cost per GB is much lower than the cost of traditional storage.

What can I do with IWV S3 Object Storage?

  • Backup
    • Archiving purposes with infrequent access
    • Storing backups is one of the most common use case giving the durability and the low cost of storage. It’s a great way to keep offsite backups and ensure you can recover your data in the event of a disaster.
    • Using S3 Object Storage for holding large files such as Autocad files, photos, videos, log files and database dump files in an economical way.
  • Host a static website
    • An alternative to host a static website content for a much lower cost than traditional Web hosting services.
  • Others
    • Modern applications such as CMS, Document Management Systems and ERP systems are increasing incorporating S3 Object storage to store large amounts of data.

How do you purchase an IWV S3 Object Storage?

Its simple just click on this link to order S3 Object Storage

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