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Cloning WordPress Website

Cloning WordPress Website

Create a staging site for WordPress using the toolkit

This is a great way to create stage your WordPress site and make changes so you can test it out before rolling your changes to production.

Cloning a WordPress website involves creation of a full website copy with all website files, the database, and settings.

To create a staging environment, use the single-click cloning function provided by the WordPress Toolkit.

Go to WordPress Menu and then click Clone on the WordPress installation you want to clone.

Select the target where to clone the website.

Keep “Create subdomain” to have WordPress Toolkit create a new subdomain with the default “staging” prefix. You can use it or type in a desired subdomain prefix.

Change the name of the database automatically created during cloning. (Optional)

Click Start

The process is automatic and fast. WordPress Toolkit copies files and the database to the new domain and configures it all to work together.

Once you have done, click on the Close button.
When the cloning is finished, the new clone will be displayed in the list of WordPress installations.

By default, on cloned WordPress installations, the Search engine indexing option is turned off. You can turn this option on by enabling toggle checkbox for Search engine indexing.

We would like to suggest to turn on the Debugging and Password protection settings to help you in troubleshoot any potential issues.

For more information, refer to WordPress Toolkit documentation here.
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