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Introducing the Load Balancer as a Service

Introducing the Load Balancer as a Service

Load Balancer as a Service

IWV now has a Load Balancer as a service (LBaaS) that we are pleased to offer our customers. This takes the complexity of deployment installation and managing Load Balancers for your applications and allows you to focus on your business applications and data.

What is a Load Balancer?

A load balancer allows customers to distribute incoming network traffic across multiple servers or instances. This can help to improve the performance and availability of an application or service, by ensuring that traffic is directed to healthy servers and avoiding overloading any single server.

Are they are hardware or software based?

They can be a hardware device with proprietary software or a software based solution running on Virtual machine. In both cases they will have a way to change settings such as the balancing algorithms and health checks.

What is IWV LBaaS?

LaaBS is a fully managed service, meaning that the we are responsible for managing and maintaining the load balancer. In addition we provide a web based interface for you to change your settings and monitor performance.

What are some of the use cases for IWV LBaaS?

Typicaly LBaaS is used for Web based applications that need to scale such as Websites, Ecommerce sites and REST API servers. Additionally when you are using LBaaS it is possible to maintain one of the backend servers while your application continues to work or add a new Backend to scale your application.

While web based services (Layer 7 ) are the typical case the LBaaS can scale other types of loads at Layer 4 can be balanced, such as if you want to terminate HTTPS on your backends rather than the Load Balancer or in some cases you may want to use it with database servers or emails servers if they support that.

What are the benefits of IWV LBaaS?

  • Improved scalability
    • By distributing incoming traffic across multiple servers, LBaaS can help to improve the scalability of an application or service. This can be especially useful for handling sudden spikes in traffic.
  • Increased availability
    • By directing traffic away from servers that are experiencing problems or are down, LBaaS can help to increase the availability of an application or service.
  • Better performance
    • Help to improve the performance of an application or service by directing traffic to the most appropriate server based on factors such as server load and other customized rules.
  • Managed Services
    • IWV will manage, and maintain the load balancer. This can help to reduce the complexity of managing an application or service.
  • Cost effective
    • More cost effective than purchasing, configuring and maintaining a physical load balancer or maintaining a Virtual machine self managed Load Balancer.

How do you purchase an IWV LBaaS?

Its simple just click on this link to order LBaaS

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