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Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

Total processing capacity for your critical workloads.  Our bare metal servers are a smart way to provide maximum computing power for businesses as they are pre-configured to keep your cost of server investment to a minimum.

Pure Performance

Do you need the ultimate performance and control in running your critical workloads? Then dedicated Bare Metal Server is the way to go. Dedicated server service from iWV provides full processing capacity and resources at your disposal that are crucial for latency sensitive and workload intensive business applications.


Provisioning for a physical server in most businesses can be a time consuming process with significant initial investments and costly monthly overheads that does not provide the flexibility to scale back or up readily.

Our Servers are already on standby waiting for your orders. Upon payment confirmation, your servers will be fired up in less than 1 hour.

Power and performance at your fingertips

iWV’s dedicated servers are equipped with quality hardware and technology, ensuring your business is always running at the highest level. Provisioning a dedicated server with iWV is fast and flexible, allowing businesses to reduce costly capital expenditures and focus resources on their core functions.

24h access and support

Package Details


Customize Your Own Server

  • ✓ Choose CPU
  • ✓ Choose # RAM
  • ✓ Choose # Storage
  • ✓ Plus Additional Requirements

Call us or leave your contacts and our team will get in touch with you!



  • Will I get full access to the server?
    • While you will not get physical access to the server, your account will have full administrative access.
    • In the case of Linux, you will get root access and for Windows your access will be the administrator account.
    • You can also access the console by logging into the control panel and selecting the KVM link.
  • How long does it take to set up my server?
    • Upon purchasing and payment online, the setup will typically take 1 hour depending on the operating system you have selected.

  • Do the bare metal servers have RAID?
    • All the Bare Metal servers have hardware RAID 1 ( e.g 2 drives that are mirrored).
  • Require Additional Support?

    Need additional support or custom offerings that is not part of our standard bundles? Leave us your contacts and we will get in touch with you.

    Our Clients Say

    iWV supported and accommodated our request for support for bandwidth upgrade due to overwhelming online ticket sales. Owing to iWV prompt response, all tickets for the event were sold out within 24 hours.

    Benny Heng | General Manager | Zouk Management Pte Ltd

    iWV's long heritage and expertise in the hosting business gave us the confidence and assurance to focus on our core business.

    Redmond Mok | IT Systems Infrastructure Manager | Possible

    We had great confidence in iWV meeting the service levels allowing us to focus on scaling our business.

    Gary Loh | Director | PurpleClay Consulting

    At the end of the day, we wanted to go with a service provider that was really focused on our requirements.

    Azman Jaafar | Deputy Managing Partner | RHTLaw Taylor Wessing

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