Backup Services Terms & Conditions


iWV offers the following backup service models:

1. Self-Service Backup Service through cloud-based backup-as-a-service

2. Managed Backup Service.


Terms of Service and SLA

Customer understands that iWV does not guarantee the integrity of the backed-up data or the success of any backup or restoration process, backup time for backup process and recovery time for data restoration process.


1. Self-Service Backup Service

a. Customers will be responsible for their own backup policy and operation

b. Customers can engage iWV to perform the initial configuration and deployment of backup service.


2. Managed Backup Service

a. iWV will operate the service to backup customer’s data in accordance to a default backup and retention policy unless a customized policy is selected by customer.

b. iWV recommends customer to test the backup service periodically to determine that data is backed-up properly and can be restored successfully. For managed backup service, iWV will provide one free data file and folder recovery test and one free full server level disaster recovery test each year via support request. If a support request is raised by the Customer.

c. iWV will initiate restoration of customer’s data within two (2) hours from the time a support ticket is raised. CUSTOMER is allowed two (2) free restoration requests per month. Additional restoration request will be chargeable.

d. Data duplication or cloning for purpose other than a restoration of lost or corrupted data is not included as part of managed backup service, but may be arranged as a chargeable professional service.

e. In the event of a restoration process failure that causes a loss of customer’s data, iWV will refund the Customer one-hundred percent (100%) of CUSTOMER’s monthly backup service fee only. Such rebate is limited to one (1) per month.